What to expect:

  • You can enter the base through the Hwy 107 gate or the Main gate off of Hwy 67/167. 
  • Come early and avoid the traffic.
  • Traffic has been known to back up during the air show, please be patient it is worth the wait.
  • Make sure you have plenty of gas and everyone in your vehicle has used the bathroom prior to entering the traffic flow onto base.
  • In the event of heavy traffic, bring items that can entertain children in your car.
  • Dont't forget to leave leathermen, pocket knifes and other prohibited items in your vehicle.  You do not want to have to go back to your car once you have made it to the security checkpoint, and we do not want to confiscate items.
  • Don't forget to bring lawns chairs, sunscreen and wear comfortable shoes.
  • ATMs will be available on the flight line.


Safety Tips

  • Security personnel are there to help; please follow all of their instructions. 
  • Keep an eye on young children, the crowd is large; it only takes one second for them to get away from you.  If you become a “lost parent,” is a designated area located across form the children's play area next to the red cross tent, where unaccompanied children will be taken. 
  • If your child is unable to tell security their name in the event they are lost, please ensure their name is marked somewhere on them so they can be identified and safely returned.
  • Very few things on our flight line are soft to the touch; most things are made of metal and have lots of edges on them. Keep your eyes focused in the direction you’re walking and be aware of low-hanging aircraft components.
  • Medical personnel are on call to render assistance to anyone that requires it.  Notify any security personnel or air show worker if you or any member of your group requires medical attention.
  • Set a designated meeting place so in the event the members in your party become separated, they will know where to go to rendezvous.
  • Suggested items to bring: lawn chair if you do not purchase a reserved seat, sunscreen, water bottle (Not bottled water-we will have fountains where you can fill them up) ans make sure you wear comfortable walking shoes!


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